WITHOUT EXCEPTION, all prints, downloaded or hard copy, products, digital files provided by Terry Hudson s under FULL copyright of Terry Hudson and/or This copyright is non-transferrable and, with the purchase or download of any of the last products stated, does NOT signify a transfer of ownership of ANY copyrights. Every client receives a limited release document detailing the PERSONAL use and release of the images! DOWNLOAD The U.S. Copyright Act for further information.https://www.copyright.gov/title17/circ92.pdf

General Guidelines:

Once a photo session is registered a 14 day notice of cancellation MUST be given. NO EXCEPTIONS! In an event of an emergency if we can replace you or find an alternative PAYING customer then you will get a partial 50% refund. Once the photography session begins there are NO refunds Terry Hudson and his employees PICK/CHOOSE all photos that will be released to the client. ONLY IN AGREE INSTANCES will the client be able to choose finalized products. NEVER will Terry Hudson release unedited photos to the client. No online galleries or blog/social early sneak peeks will occur until FULL PAYMENT is received. Terry Hudson reserves the right to suspend the photoshoot until FULL PAYMENT is made and/or necessary documentation is received. Unless otherwise agreed, all products will be offered in a DIGITAL FORMAT through secure/unsecure galleries.


All cancellations/refunds made before 14 days of the photoshoot will result in a 100% refund in the same form of payment used to register for a photo session. Within the 14 days of the shoot, THERE ARE NO RESCHEDULES, REFUNDS, of CANCELLATIONS. In the event of weather, act of god, malfunction of equipment failure, a rescheduling option is allowed. If the photoshoot cancels by a declared malfunction or problem created by Terry Hudson, a full refund will be issued.


Terry Hudson work in the highest digital environment as possible. From equipment to software to customer relations, we strive to give the top notch product that we possibly can. THERE IS NO PROOFING of photos prior to finalized images are released. All prints purchased through our online gallery are subject to printing by a 3rd Party Print House. All questions on orders, shipping, and details must be discussed with them. We have NO ACCESS to your orders. ALL ONLINE GALLERIES will be available for 1 calendar year from the date the galleries are released. Terry Hudson are not responsible for photos being deleted or unavailable after one calendar year.


From time of shoot to the time clients receive photographs can be between 4-6 weeks.

Professional Courtesy

All clients agree to allow Terry Hudson to acquire necessary looks/photos/scenes BEFORE the client can introduce theirs. We understand that everyone has a great idea, we just want to make sure we get ours first so nothing is left behind. We understand everyone wants to look like a SUPER MODEL… Not everyone is though… We try to keep everything in mind when editing your photographs, age of dancer, quality, ability, overall composition, etc. Any expectations about skin quality or composition should be agreed upon before the shoot. We have duplicated eyes, arms, heads, feet, etc. BUT WE HATE DOING THIS! Please be prepared for the end result at the START OF THE SHOOT! Keep in mind, you get what you put in!

During The Shoot:

UNLESS agreed upon by the PHOTOGRAPHER, NO PARENTS OR GUESTS are allowed to be present or within 150 feet(outside) of the photoshoot. Parents will be given a designated waiting area. All dancers under the age of 18 must have one parent or guardian present during the shoot at all times. If an photographic assistant is there, only then can the parent/guardian leave. This is to protect everyone and ensure the safety of your dancer. No additional cameras are allowed at or around the photoshoot. It is distracting and can add more pressure to the dancers.


All dancers under the age of 10 must have an assistant/teacher present to make sure the photoshoot is done smoothly. Any dancers 10 and above DO NOT require another “helping hand”. (this is to help with poses) FREE PROMO/BRANDING shoots DO NOT exceed 2 hrs or 400 photographs, whichever comes first. Each client will receive a max of 50(finalized) general release photographs for their dance studio/school to use within marketing/website/ads/etc. NO PHOTOS are allowed to be sold individually to clients or other companies. The studio forfeits ALL photographs when/if the studio is sold. No photographs/products can be CLAIMED as assets to the company. All studios release any damages that may occur to the studio during a photoshoot. As Terry Hudson & Dance Studio Pix will try their very best to ensure a clean “leave it better than you got it” facility (room of photographs), we recommend a hired professional cleaning company to follow our event. Unless otherwise discussed all travel expenses are up to Terry Hudson & Dance Studio Pix. All studios agree that the photographs taken with Terry Hudson are fully released from the studio and it’s clients. All dancers/parents are required to sign a release PRIOR to their photoshoot. This release will be available via email. Questions: Any and all questions should be asked AT LEAST 10 days before any shoot. Contact terry@iterryi.com

Things To Think About…

From Terry Hudson With a million and one photographers out there… oops a million and two, because thats how fast they are becoming, I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be a part of your dance studio/dancer’s life! My journey as a dancer has taken me across 49 states and has put me in front of some of the biggest stars known! Even though I’m too old to keep up with the young bucks, I still find myself traveling and being “in” the dance world. So thank you!!! Photography, especially for dancers, has given me a new outlook on the industry as a hole… you learn a ton of new things and LET ME TELL YOU… experience it all! If you could spare me a few minutes of thinking, read the following..

For The Studio Owner…

I understand abilities. I take the photograph showcasing GOOD TECHNIQUE, pose, and overall composition of the dancer/environment. I keep in mind, dancer structure, ability, personality, outfits, hair, makeup, etc. NO I will not take photos of dancers NOT READY to do that pose. I Promise, I’ll say no. Remember it’s not your photo, not the parent’s, it is the dancer’s (and mine technically)! Photographs can inspire… I’m here to keep the dancer happy and driven to be better and better each and every day! I never want them to get a photo back that makes them feel less of themselves. Working with competitions for over 15 years I always found this question come up. “WHY DIDN’T WIN!?!?!?” Listening to the competition directors get cornered with question was always a sight to see. But when it came down to it they answered with “It wasn’t their day… take 3 other judges on any other given day and I’m sure the results will be different”… the real answer is, go back to the drawing board and work harder or find a different angle. For me, a picture CAPTURES that moment. The worst is capturing a dancer at their lowest point. TRUST ME, it’s no good. I will work with you as best as possible but PLEASE trust me, when I go another direction it’s for a good reason!

For The Parent…

Parents have to understand their children have a mind of themselves. NO MATTER how well you dress them, do their hair, bribe them with something, when the shutter is taken, it is up to them to make the photo. Unless the photo wasn’t taken correctly, I WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER blame the photographer. Kids are humans and always DO WHAT THEY WANT. Asking for the photographer to switch eyes or smiles or anything NOT ORGANIC is not a question I ask. We’ve relaxed as parents when it comes to the photoshoots… we trust the photographers… and honestly we are beyond happy with all our amazing photographs! Sometimes a little bit of hope and crossed fingers is all you need ; )

For The Dancers…

Within about 10 seconds of seeing you walk in and warm up I’ll understand to what degree of craziness the photoshoot will have. Whether we are beginners or the next superstar we’ll have a blast. I get crazy and have fun… life is too short. Please be passionate about your shoot! Parents pay a lot of mula for your dance… do some homework… Within the first 10 seconds I’ll know what direction to go but to really understand what dance means to you I won’t be able to understand maybe ever… Do your homework and find what inspires you and what you want captured. Research dance poses on the internet!!! You can always see the difference in pictures when someone comes prepared to the shoot! If everything you were was to be put on a PRINTED CANVAS, what pose would be??? A little something something for my Makeup Artist too… DRINK TONS OF WATER a few days before the shoot… It helps with skin : ) A lot of photographers in the world are weird (no offense to any)… lol… but really really different people lol…

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